Are Tortuga Bottles dishwasher safe?

Tortuga Bottles are extremely durable for everyday use but dishwashers use harsh chemicals to clean which can cause the powder coat finish to deteriorate.

How to I clean my Tortuga bottle?

Tortuga Bottles are easy to keep clean.

For the inside:

  • Simply put a few drops of dish soap directly in the bottle and then add hot tap water
  • Screw the BPA-Free lid on and give the bottle a few shakes
  • Leave for 30 seconds and then drain
  • Rinse out with clean water to ensure bottle is soap free
  • Leave upside down to full drain and dry out

For the outside:

  • We recommend hand washing the outside using a sponge and soapy water
  • Ensure the bottle is rinsed using clean water to wash soap away
  • Dry with soft towel

What are the shipping times?

Please see our Shipping Information page for shipping and handling times

Can I return my item?

Please see our Returns and Refunds policy

I placed an order but i want to change the colour before it's dispatched

Please send us an email at sales@tortugabottles.com.au and we will do our very best to change the colour before the item is dispatched. If the item has already been dispatched then please see our Returns and Refunds policy for further information.